Facing the faceless: two gems from the ’60s

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Tanin no kao (The Face of Another) – Hiroshi Teshigahara, Japan, 1966
Les yeux sans visage (Eyes Without a Face) – Georges Franju, France, 1960

And so it happens that you sometimes watch two films in a row that deal with the same topic. Like horribly disfigured people who fall into the hands of ambitious doctors striving to give them back a face and a sense of normal life. The Japanese pic delves into existential territory and moral questions of identity with a super-stylized visual grace that easily rivals Bergman’s Persona, while the Frenchie sends chills down your spine as an exquisitely lyrical horror where Edith Scob’s every single gesture feels like dainty white lace and satin ribbons. Everything about her has the air of a porcelain ballerina trapped in a creepy music box from hell. How does one act so expressively with literally no face? We may never know.

It’s hard to miss the (supposedly unintentional) nod to her character here in Holy Motors, Leos Carax’s monument of bonkers where the same Scob plays the limousine driver and puts on a very similar mask when leaving the garage in the final scene. Cinema can seem at times like a living being whose distant tissues communicate in oh so subtle ways.

Now, body horror is an elusive concept that’s much too handy to abuse. Let’s just call these two a pair of films that will elegantly get under your skin. And stay there. For days. Eerily. Uncomfortably. No pun intended.


Formule de calcul pentru aria triunghiului

Formule de calcul pentru aria triunghiului
To calculate the area of a triangle

3 min. | fiction | RO | 2018
UNATC Film School

One girl, one guy, another guy, some luggage.

cast – Florina Gleznea, Lari Giorgescu, Vlad Udrescu
sound recording – Sabin Filip
costumes – Corina Boboc Giorgescu
executive producer – Natalia Gurău
film processing & scanning – ABIS Studio
color grading – Mircea Crivoi / Cinetic
cinematographer/director – Andreea Dobre

Insectarium online premiere on FilmShortage


2 min. 35 s. | experimental | RO-UK | 2016

Într-o zi un om se hotărăște să își contabilizeze fiecare emoție pe care o trăiește.
One day a man decides to keep track of every single emotion he experiences.

cast – Lari Giorgescu
editor – Raluca Victoria Petre
music – Chris Wood
cinematographer/director – Andreea Dobre

Available for free on Film Shortage starting from November 20.

Screenings & awards:

Carnegie Museum of Art’s 2-Minute Film Festival – 2016, USA
Cortosplash – 2016, IT
Bucharest ShortCut CineFest – July Competition 2016, RO – Best Experimental, Best Actor
Short Shorts Festival @ Whitespace Gallery – 2016, USA
IbizaCineFest – September Competition 2016, ES – Best Experimental of September
Short to the Point ISFF/Spune pe Scurt – 2016, RO
Staunton International Film Festival – 2016, USA
Buskopolis Festival of Cinematic Oddities – 2016, USA
Timishort Film Festival – National competition – 2016, RO
Bienal Internacional de Video y Cine VIDEOFEST – 2016, MX
CÓDEC/Festival de Vídeo y Creaciones Sonoras – 2016, MX
IbizaCineFest 2017 Event – monthly winners competition – 2017, ES – Best Experimental
Delete TV – 2017, UK
Phenicien International Film Festival – 2017, FR
Purgtory Film Exhibition – 2017, USA
Experiments in Cinema – 2017, USA
unDependence Film Festival by Pop Up! Scotland – 2017, UK
Leiden International Short Film Experience – LISFE- 2017, NL
Backup Festival Weimar – 2017, DE
Filmul de Piatră – off competition – 2017, RO
MARFICI – Tren de Sombras Experimental panorama – 2017, AR
FIC Autor – 2017, MX
Gstaadfilm International Festival for Short Art Films – 2017, UY – Golden Cow of Gstaad Award

Fb event here


South American premiere for Insectarium

It’s been a full year for our short, which traveled to 18 festivals in 8 countries on 2 continents so far since its very first screening in July 2016. Happy to continue the journey with our Argentinian and South American premiere next month at MARFICI – Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Mar del Plata!

MARFICI – Tren de Sombras experimental panorama – 5-12 August 2017

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